International meeting on the future of the CAP after 2013

Today in Warsaw was held the meeting of Agriculture Ministers devoted to the future of the Common Agricultural Policy past 2013.

The representatives of eleven Member States discussed the future shape of the agricultural policy in the European Union. They included ten representatives of the new Member States and the representative of the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture in the capacity of observer.

“We meet not in order to form groups and to divide, but with the view of providing a ground for mutual understanding and exchange of opinions,” said the host of the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr Marek Sawicki on the occassion of opening the press conference organised immediately after the talks. “We want the new Common Agricultural Policy to be characterised with solidarity, greater simplicity and equitability,” the Minister added. He also emphasised that “Today’s meeting is intended as an opportunity to consult, learn each others’ positions and develop a common position of all the Member States. It is not our intention to distinguish between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe, it is the payment scheme that made the division.”

The Minister of Agriculture of Latvia Mr Janis Duklavs, who participated in the press conference, pointed to the fact that his country had the lowest level of direct payments from among all the Member States, and was therefore interested in bringing them to a single level applicable across the entire European Union. He also underlined that the traditional divides should be abolished, because otherwise changes in the Common Agricultural Policy would be impossible. Thanking for the organisation of today’s metting, Mr Janis Duklvas stressed that it is an excellent occasion for improving mutual understanding and reconciling views.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic Mr Vladimir Chovan highlighted the importance of the Common Agricultural Policy related to the fact that it consumes a significant portion of the European Union’s budget, and stated that at least for this reason its shape receives so much attention. He also indicated that it is important to develop such instruments that will steady the currently destabilised agricultural markets. Mr Vladimir Chovan also pointed to the necessity of shaping the future Common Agricultural Policy in such a way that the Europen agriculture is competitive on the global markets.

Nine form among the eleven participants of the meeting adopted a common declaration on the main assumptions of the Common Agricultural Policy within the new financial framework after 2013.

Text of the declaration - download file (.pdf 74.99 kB)