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Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Croatia

Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Croatia
Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Croatia
On 29 October 2012 Zofia Szalczyk, Undersecretary of State, held a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia, Tihomir Jakovina.

The visit concerned mainly the growing interest of Croatia in taking advantage of the Polish pre- and post-accession experience. Both Croatian and Polish delegation consisted of experts from particular departments of the Ministries and subordinate institutions.

Minister Jakovina expressed thanks to the Deputy Minister Szalczyk on behalf of the Croatian government, for the support during works on Croatia’s accession to the European Union, and in particular for the ratification of the Accession Treaty. In this context the Minister also underlined the will to continue the cooperation and said that the Croatian party appreciated the possibility to acquire knowledge on the basis of Polish experience, to implement innovative solutions, to carry out projects enabling modernisation processes.

„This experience is above all the ability to use the EU funds effectively, as well as progress and investments in the Polish rural areas. We always present these actions as an example for our farmers, showing the possibilities provided by the European Union to its citizens” – said Tihomir Jakovina and, when expressing thanks for the invitation and meeting at the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, invited the participants of the meeting to Zagreb to continue the talks and carry on successful cooperation.

Deputy Minister Zofia Szalczyk informed that both the Polish Government and the Parliament fully support the integration of Croatia with the European Union. „We are happy that the Accession Treaty was signed on 9 December 2011, that is during the Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU” – highlighted the Polish Deputy Minister of Agriculture. The consequence of signing the Treaty in Brussels was the accession referendum held on 22 January this year, as a result of which 66.24% of Croatians declared themselves in favour of the accession to the EU. The planned date of accession to the European Union, after the completion of the process of ratification of the Accession Treaty by all the Member States, is 1 July 2013.

The members of the Croatian delegation encouraged the Polish entrepreneurs of the agri-food sector via the Polish Ministry of Agriculture to carry out their projects and to invest also on the Croatian market. The Polish party expressed their positive attitude to the cooperation with Croatia in the field of agriculture. According to the Croatian party’s interests, the meeting covered discussions on the possibilities of acquiring pre-accession support by Croatia. Deputy Minister Zofia Szalczyk confirmed the interest in the continuation of the dynamically developing experts’ cooperation. During the talks also other issues were discussed, related to the Polish experience of the agricultural sector transformation, including also the development of the food industry, trading in agricultural property and the functioning of the Agricultural Property Agency.

The programme of the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture delegation's visit in Poland covers also visits at the meet, milk and fish processing plants, as well as meeting at the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of the Environment.