Counsellor General - Zofia Krzyżanowska

Zofia Krzyżanowska

Date of birth:

14 January 1952


Doctor (engineer) of Agricultural Sciences


Warsaw Agricultural University

Field of study:

Faculty of Agricultural Economics

Year of graduation:


Foreign training:

1978 – 1979

Agricultural Economics Department, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad (3 months)


Ball State University (USA), Department of Economics and University of Idaho (4 months)


University of Padova (Polish-Italian research project "Changes in Agricultural Policy in East European Countries") – 3 months


Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen (TEMPUS – 3 months); foreign trade, agricultural economics and marketing courses

Work experience:

Since February 2008

Counsellor General

Since September 2007

Director of Direct Payments Department in MARD

Since 1 June 2005

Counsellor General

Since 1 February 2004

Counsellor to the Minister

Since 1 April 2003

Undersecretary of State in MARD

Since 1 June 1999

Consultant for economics in FAPA/SEAPR

1998 – 1999

Deputy Director of SAERP/FAPA

Since 1994

Senior economist of the Agricultural Policy Analysis Unit (SAERP) of the Foundation of Assistance Programmes for Agriculture (FAPA)


Reader at the Faculty of Agricultural Economics of the Warsaw Agricultural University


Senior assistant reader at the Warsaw Agricultural University

Since 1974

Institute of Agricultural Economics and Agrarian Policy of the Warsaw Agricultural University

Membership of trade unions and organisations:

- European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)

- International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE)

- Expert Team of the Agency for Agricultural Market

Marital Status:


Membership in political parties and organisations: