Tasty PDŻ Picnic

Saturday, 10 June 2017 r.

„Poland Tastes” – this is the motto of the Discover Good Food Picnic which was held today at the Racetrack Warsaw-Służewiec.

Photo. PDŻ Picnic

Photo. PDŻ Picnic

The event, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, aroused great interest among the inhabitants of the capital city and of the surrounding areas. It also hosted foreign guests – the representatives of the embassies and diplomatic missions.

- We are meeting at the Discover Good Food Picnic in a new, beautiful and spacious venue. Today, we are here with the offer of our best food, as this is important what we eat. Therefore, it is worth coming here. Today, the producers of excellent Polish food of top quality present their products here. I invite you to try, taste and buy them – said the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jacek Bogucki, who opened the picnic.

More than 120 companies presented their food of the highest quality in Służewiec. Those were the producers whose products had received the „PDŻ – Discover Good Food” mark, the producers of products with geographical indications, the producers of regional, traditional and organic products. Also, the institutions, organisations and associations working in the field of agriculture, processing, rural tourism and agrotourism had their stands there.

The guests enjoyed the Polish products. The cooks prepared exceptionally delicious dishes based on pork, culinary beef and poultry, as well as on fruit, vegetables and dairy products. They were tastings of delicious bread, served also with lard, organic breadrolls, fragrant coldmeats, delicious cheese, aromatic honey, freshly squeezed juice, and also soups and pancakes prepared on an ongoing basis.

Many guests were willing to participate in joint cooking with Chef Marcin Budynek, who together with the picnic guests prepared delicious dishes based on the products with the Discover Good Food mark.

The families who have not planned their holiday so far, were interested in the offer of agritourism farms and other proposals of rural holidays.

In a specially prepared zone for children, the little ones were having fun on the inflatable slides and in the ball pits. They were also eager to participate in competitions and games. They learned folk songs and dances.

Great interest was also an exhibition of animals kept for farming purposes. There were horses, cows, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits and chinchillas.

A big attraction of the event was a race held under the Honorary Patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and involving the 3-year-old and older Thoroughbred horses. The race was held at a distance of 1,400 metres to win the Haracz Award. On the racecourse, we could see the excellent horses which had already won prestigious awards. The winner was Szanet, the gelding. The guests could observe the competition of the horses and jockeys for free.

- We have sunny weather, excellent Polish food and fabulous horses. At the PDŻ Picnic, you can have good time, eat delicious dishes and see the fantastic races. The Haracz Cup is a special cup, it is the racing legend of the years 1964-1965. I am glad that Minister Jurgiel decided to hold the patronage over this race – said Secretary of State Zbigniew Babalski after presenting the Cup to the owner of the winning horse and he added that such events connect people and show the effects of hard work of farmers, breeders and processors.

The guests, who arrived to the picnic venue, with interest watched also an exhibition of antique agricultural machinery. Many people could not imagine how it had been possible to cultivate a field, harvest or thresh the grain by means of that equipment.

The weekend trip to the Służewiec Racecourse was a perfect opportunity to spend free time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, we could eat delicious dishes, buy food, relax in the open, dance and sing, experience sports emotions and simply have a great time.

The Discover Good Food picnic is an annual event promoting Polish food. Here, we can find out what it means to eat good and healthy food.