Polish-Dutch Talks

Monday, 28 November 2016 r.

Today, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Krzysztof Jurgiel, hosted Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland, Ron Van Dartel.

Photo. Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel during a conversation with the Ambassador of the Netherlands

Photo. Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel during a conversation with the Ambassador of the Netherlands

It was a courtesy meeting related to the fact of recently taking over the function of Ambassador in Warsaw.

The talks were devoted to the prospects of bilateral cooperation, especially with regard to the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, the situation in agricultural markets, African swine fever (ASF), and measures to improve the customs protection of the EU market for cereals.

The Netherlands presented arguments for the need to create conditions for increasing competitiveness of the European agriculture and its orientation to the needs of the market.

Minister K. Jurgiel stressed the need to ensure an effective safety net and the prevention of crisis situations, as well as to improve farmers' position in the food chain. Sustainable development of rural areas is also important to Poland.

The willingness to tighten contacts and exchange experiences, both at the ministerial and expert level, for development of modern agriculture in the European Union and reconciling the positions in relation to the current issues related to agricultural policy, discussed at the EU forum, was declared.

The Netherlands is one of major producers and the second exporter of agricultural products in the word, as well as an important trade partner of Poland in trade in agri-food products, with the sixth position among the countries to which Poland exports its agri-food products. In 2015, export of agri-food products from Poland to the Netherlands amounted to approx. EUR 1 billion 340 million, import amounted to EUR 1 billion 282 million. For the first time in several years, trade balance was positive.