International debate on trading arable land

Thursday, 23 March 2017 r.

The first meeting of the international working group for assessment of the legal status of arable land trading in EU member states took place today in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The meeting was lead by the Government Plenipotentiary for Shaping of the Agricultural System, the Secretary of State, Zbigniew Babalski.

Photo. The State Secretary Zbigniew Babalski during the working group meeting

Photo. The State Secretary Zbigniew Babalski during the working group meeting

The course of discussion on agricultural real property trading proved that the countries of the region agrees as of the absolute need for protection of land from speculative purchase, as it is a limited resource and the most important mean for food production.

The working groups has been called upon the request made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Krzysztof Jurgiel, as a result of arrangements included in the conclusion from the meeting between the Ministers of Agriculture of the Visegrad Group states, expanded by Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia, which took part in Warsaw on 26 October last year, within the scope of Polish leadership in the Visegrad Group.

The group’s objective is to extend cooperation of the Middle-East Europe for development of common proposals for legal solutions, which would reflect the interests of the states of the region as regards trading the agricultural real property. It is especially significant in the context of reservations reported by the European Committee related to the compliance of regulations on trading the arable land, adopted by particular states, with the EU law.

Participation in works undertaken by the international working group was confirmed by experts from the Ministries of Agriculture of the following countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.